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Few Quirks From My Trip to Turkey

21 August 2009 One Comment

Turkish marihuana cow bank.

I found this item in the middle of nowhere during a long bus trip stop for food.  I know there is history with marijuana and the old Turkish culture but how did it end up in the form of marijuana cow bank with some big lips and a blunt is a mystery.  Hilarious nonetheless.


My Modern Sweet Home

This girl toy was spotted at another bus stop.  Turkey not only strives to be part of the EU but apparently they seek to inculcate the idea into their children to someday own their own “Modern Sweet Home.”  It is hard to read in this picture because of the web resolutionbut the yellow copy at the top of the box says: “Simulating the True Styles and Making Carefully.”



This is the sign in the metro to give up your seats to those who need it.  Since I am a huge fan of foreign sign imagery I could not get over the depiction of what must be considered the classic old Turkish man, see bottom right.  I want to make a t-shirt of this.



I laugh now but maybe someday when I step out of the shower I will think “damn, I wish I had a pocket for my slippers conveniently placed on top of my steez on this towel.”


cute little stuffed sheep

This restaurant marketed their lamb menu by making this stuffed sheep look like its eating a plant.  There was another one on the opposite side of the entrance facing this one in order to welcome their guests in.  Charming.  I definitely noticed women and children enjoyed this so the manager of this restaurant must know what he is doing.



All I have to say about this is…. “Otel, motel Holiday Innn, when that b*** starts f**** up, Ill just f*** her friend”    But for real, this in Turkish a hotel is spelled ”otel” and I simply could not resist singing that famous hip hop lyric every time I walked by an otel.


best cat picture I've ever snapped

Finally, did I or did I now get lucky with this great picture of this Turkish cat.  This is best cat picture I’ve ever snapped.  I call it Night Rider.  Look at those eyes.

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  • elsa said:

    Spaghetti would indeed be rightly terrified by the Night Rider. You need to enlarge that image and attach it to your ceiling with glow-in-the-dark paint on the eyes to haunt you as you fall asleep.