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Experience: The Ghostly Discovery Iphone App

22 July 2009 One Comment
color theory explained

color theory applied

Ghostly has categorized their album library by colors which correspond to different mood states in an effort to help you ‘discover’ new tracks and playlists according to how you feel.

I am so happy to see a cutting edge electronic music label elegantly implementing these concepts to further investigate the mind-body-technology relationship further, ultimately to put us in the mood we want to be in:-)

This cutting edge project was probably conceived in Ann Arbor Michigan, home to Ghostly. I would like to have been a fly on wall during the planning stage meetings.  I feel as if Ann Arbor has always been somewhat of a Silicone Valley for techno. It is so close to Detroit, how can it not be.  Those brainy students who like to party will rule the world someday…wait we already do.

The parameters are quite simple as you can see below.

Ghostly Discover iPhone App choose color mood

Ghostly Discover iPhone App choose color mood

Choose your desired ‘hue,’ I was feelin’ yellow, then you choose your rhythm type fast/slow, organic/electronic  – pretty well thought out.  Click ‘ DISCOVER’ to get your results (click to link to the song to preview):

My playlist result was Stream by Lusine - cool! way to go, It is Yellowy in my opinion.

My first song for my playlist result was Falling In by Lusine - cool!

I do think this result matched the mood, and the other songs that followed in the suggested playlist also rocked.

The app has a monetization plan, everything is well though out. In the end this is a different experience towards finding and purchasing music. Put a boy tie on this, nice job.

You can choose to buy the track, rate it or get an artist bio.

You can choose to buy the track, rate it or get an artist bio.

In conclusion, this is a true holistic approach to music discovery.  If you love the Ghostly label I suggest you download this immediately.  Good job to the creative minds at Ghostly.  SV4 and the bunch.

Now go eat some cake.

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  • Andrew Mager said:

    So dope my friend.