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Dan Bell 9 Hour Set in San Francisco 5-8-2010 [KONTROL]

5 May 2010 One Comment

Dan Bell's 2008 9 hour set in San Francisco's secret location

Calling all true underground dance music connoisseurs of San Francisco.  In case you missed the last one, the one and only Mr. Dan Bell aka DBX will be playing another 9 hour set this Saturday night at the most precious of all underground locations in North America, this is a fairly common opinion shared by those who have experienced it.

Who? What? Dan Bell is an underground dance music pioneer from Detroit.  Many will argue that he invented the minimal techno sound, he definitely owns rights to the original classics like Losing Control.  Check out his Discogs page. Dan inspired an entire generation of producers to bump those beeps and blips into a bliss of smooth rhythm, very basic, very primal, very deep, sexy. These days Dan Bell usually only plays for big crowds at festivals or at some of the world’s largest clubs like Tresor, Panorama Bar, etc.  On this very special night in San Francisco however Dan will deliver another exclusive 9 hour performance for 150 people, the max capacity of the venue.  Why are we so lucky?

Dan Bell loves playing at this special underground venue.  Here is an excerpt from the official invite by our great host Mr. G. Bird who describes it oh so passionately:

In late 2008, after playing for [KONTROL] four times between 2005 and 2007, Dan Bell approached me and told me he had an idea for a long-format special event in which he was the only DJ all night. Knowing this would truly be one for the history books, we secured SF’s most amazing intimate private location, and it was on. After promising an 8 hour set in which he was the “opener, headliner, and closer”, Dan delivered what was, without a doubt, one of the most memorable nights of music I have ever been witness to in well over a decade of steady partying. Flawless long mixes, incredible unheard gems both old and new, and a deep, sophisticated vibe that has rarely (if ever) since been replicated. At 7am, when he was scheduled to end, Dan asked if he could play one more hour, as he still had some great music he’d like to get to before calling it a day. He did. And many of us stayed to the very end. And through nearly 9 hours of mixing, he never lost his focus, never even stopped to use the bathroom! To this day, when people ask me about my favorite parties ever, this one immediately jumps to mind, and I suspect I’m far from alone in feeling this way.

We will leave the name of this underground locale out of this post to protect the integrity of the spot.  However it is ‘theatre in the round’ presentation,  the artist performs in the middle, and 150 lucky people are engulfed by the perfectly tuned state of the art 360 degree 16.1 dolby surround sound system.  OH YEAH BABY!  This place is a sound engineer’s wet dream and it requires going through some dirt roads to find it. (Awesome! anyone been to underground Detroit parties in the early 90’s? It’s a lot like that:-)  Again, I’d like to give a special thanks to our host G. Bird for putting together this event on for the second time.

Mr G. Bird with his hands up at like 6am

Besides having have had Dan Bell play my college house party for 30 of us (thank you Lucas Ortega for hooking that up), this event is as intimate as it is ever going to get to the decadent sounds of Dan Bell over a high quality system in the best city in the world, San Francisco.

Want to know how to make it to this party?  First you must be on Facebook, here is the link the invite:

Photos by Gilbert Rizzo

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  • ifearthenight said:

    I would kill for a 9 hour dan bell dj set. i’d go even further for a 9 hour live set…