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Daddy Yankee supports McCain at an Arizona School – A surreal moment in political history.

27 August 2008 5 Comments

This is a short entry that I feel compelled to comment on. This is one of the most surreal videos in political history. Dirty-lyric Reggaeton artist Daddy Yankee showed up to support republican presidential candidate John McCain at an Central Arizona High School. Does McCain really know what the lyrics to the song “Gasolina” by Daddy Yankee are really about? OK.. how can anyone not laugh their ass off, or at least sit there in disbelief as Daddy Yankee goes around kissing all the high school girls while McCain sits there probably having one of the most awkward white man moments in history. It is ridiculous that McCain is really trying to win votes by having Daddy Yankee support him. Latin mothers who do understand his lyrics should be upset. Oh, and not to mention Daddy Yankee claims that McCain has always “fought for immigrant rights”? Daddy Yankee, please do your research first. I pose the question, who are these people anyway?

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  • corey said:

    horrifying. absolutely horrifying. i’m saying five figures (at least) on the check that got daddy yankee there. seriously, wtf? i imagine the thought process was something like this:

    “well, we’re up against a young, hip nigger, so all the coloreds are gonna vote for him… so how do we get the spic vote?”

    please excuse me while i pick my jaw up off the floor and go vomit.

  • andy said:

    Daddy Yankee would make a great Secretary of the Interior.

  • Ceci said:

    what righteous brown brother would associate his name with mcain and the word “yankee”??? pendejo! thanks for the post migs…

  • Stacy said:

    To be fair, the funniest moment of the event came when Daddy Yankee was asked what exactly his song “Gasolina” was about. He immediately grinned and said, “Energy independence.”

  • Jaime elias said:

    What a glorious moment for the Latino Commuity. Love every moment of it. Para la proxima que lleven al “Chacal” de Sabado Gigante, por lo menos ese no habla.