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Coolest Istanbul Souvenir, ABSOLUTE POWER

18 August 2009 3 Comments
Absolute Power

Absolute Power

I was walking across the Galata bridge late at night in Istanbul when I ran into a very old Turkish man wearing this hat.  It was unreal that someone that old could be wearing such a cool hat. I don’t mean to say anything agist, but I was not in San Francisco you know, I am just saying.  I went up and talked to him, his name was Salman and he spoke no English, but he could tell I liked his hat and the guy was obviously pretty cool and very young at heart where it matters most.  I told him I was originally from Peru and he gave me a hug.  If you look real close you can tell it was hand made, probably by some  local Istanbul designer.  Salman let it go to  me for 15 TL, about 10 bucks.   The best $10 I have ever spent, it’s golden like a crown.   I officially own the coolest baseball hat in the world.  If anyone has any information about the hat designer, please comment.



  • molly said:

    thanks for sharing this story. I love encounters like that…. Very cool hat, indeed. Goorin bros., take note.

  • kai said:

    you inspire me.

  • Kaare Iverson said:

    damn man, you couldn’t hope for a more gangsta cap than this! I remember walking that bridge, myself – though I have no such souvenir to show for it…