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[26 Jul 2009 | Comments Off on Activity: Chill Out At AT&T Park | ]
Activity: Chill Out At AT&T Park

I was riding bikes around town with friends when we discovered that AT&T park is open to the public every non-game day during the season. When empty, the park is very zenful place to chill. I highly recommend it. Surprise your visiting relatives or friends with this hat trick. It’s a great backpocket plan.
Imagine music (djs) on the terrace every Sunday while serving beer and overlooking the sunny bay. #dope! Someone get that started. The party people might even start to have Giant pride, and regular folk too.

addthis_url …

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[21 Jul 2009 | Comments Off on The Ferocious Few live at Dolores Park 7-19-09 | ]

Video from this past Sunday at Dolores Park:
San Francisco and The Ferocious Few have a symbiotic relationship.  The city provides music friendly street corners to play in and the duo returns a raw original rock sound from the gut that stops pedestrians in their tracks.  They can be found anywhere from 9th and Irving, to 4th and Market, to 16th and Valencia and of course the cosmic home base, Dolores Park.
The first time I saw drummer Daniel Aguilar and guitarist Francisco Fernandez at Dolores Park was in the Summer of …

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[15 Oct 2008 | 2 Comments | ]

Axel Ardes is a French journalist for Radio France station Le Mouv and for the Bondi Blog who is currently on an assignment covering the U.S. Presidential Election.

Aside from writing blog entries and articles, he also posts videos, pictures, and does live radio broadcasts from his phone regularly.  He is currently hanging out with me in San Francisco after a month reporting from the East Coast and then San Diego.
When asked what its like to meet McCain supporters he replied that he is having a hard time finding them.  I …

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[27 Sep 2008 | Comments Off on VIDEO – Memorable Afterhours Jamming at the Pink Palace, San Francisco | ]

What happens in the Pink Palace stays in the Pink Palace, but on this night I walked away with some jamming footage.  This was recorded last weekend, 9/20/08 at one of the Pink Palace’s afterhours events sometime beyond the 3am mark.  There was a full blown electro salsa party going on upstairs but the downstairs studio was where the live action was happening.  Much props to the musicians.   Manolo, ex Manicato band member, was there representing on the bass.  Check out Manicato’s music too, they founded the Pink Palace collective.  …

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[16 Sep 2008 | 2 Comments | ]

The contemporary Nu Disco sub-genre of dance music is revered by people who love its graceful tempo and have experienced its strange magical dancefloor powers.  This magic returns to San Francisco on Saturday September 27th 2008 when the VHS crew and myself present Paul T along with Jeno and Leonard a non-club location.

Paul Takahashi, aka Paul T, is an underground culture trendsetter whose disco djing skills have earned him high degree accolades in the avant Nu Disco scenes.  Paul T sees  Disco through different lens.  He drops drippy filtered psychedelic …

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[22 Oct 2007 | One Comment | ]

So, this is how it started. After spending some time dancing under a bus stop , we ended up taking our selves to Cafe Revolution in the Mission District. The usual goatee scratching communist types, hipster girls, and crunchy but not hippie fellas smoking and sippin’ Chamay beer. This place is best known for it’s cool outdoor sitting area and a bohemian atmosphere.

A slick fella in a black leather jacket pulls up roaring some deep soul track in a custom designed colorfully lit bicycle with …

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[23 Sep 2007 | Comments Off on Urban Remix Day: Remote Control Bus Stop Rave – Lower Haight, San Francisco & Park(ing) | ]

I was not prepared for what happened when I turned the corner of Fillmore onto Haight. A mob of about 150 people were dancing their brains out to old school house music around a mere Muni bustop. As cars and buses went by, bus stop ravers would unite in a hollerin’ fit while keeping their rhythm going strong to the beat. It was irresistible to avoid. My curiosity mounted until I found myself on their side of the street freaking out at other passer byers. …