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[22 Jul 2009 | One Comment | ]
Experience: The Ghostly Discovery Iphone App

Ghostly has categorized their album library by colors which correspond to different mood states in an effort to help you ‘discover’ new tracks and playlists according to how you feel.
I am so happy to see a cutting edge electronic music label elegantly implementing these concepts to further investigate the mind-body-technology relationship further, ultimately to put us in the mood we want to be in:-)
This cutting edge project was probably conceived in Ann Arbor Michigan, home to Ghostly. I would like to have been a fly on wall during the planning …

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[21 Oct 2008 | One Comment | ]

The Red Bull soapbox race was a phenomenal event this past weekend in San Francisco.  It drew 100k people to the Dolores Park area.  Red Bull did a great job with the announcers and they park wide TV screens and speakers to keep everyone engaged.  One of the most memorable cars was the The Death Star.

Anyone who was there will remember their immaculate pre-race video and legendary race, but little did most know that this Death Star came with a Palin bumper sticker:

And I thought I was cool for having …

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[5 Aug 2008 | 3 Comments | ]

My dirty secret is that I use a Blackberry, yet I attended the iPhoneDevCamp. This is because I love iPhone apps. I believe iPhone app developers are defining and creating the future standards and expectations for portable hand-held device functionality. I love technology regardless of the platform. I will get an iPhone when it allows you to record video, that is my hold up.
My entire goal was to arrive by 2:00 pm for the unveiling of the applications built by teams of developers who in most cases …

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[6 Jul 2008 | 2 Comments | ]

In this video my friend Noah came over and showed me his latest DIY project. He installed an in-line Hydrogen-On-Demand system into his Jeep Cherokee. It apparently increases his miles per gallon and claims that he is spending less time at the pump, effectively saving money. After some anticipated curiosity on my part, he finally came over and showed me his hydrogen cell contraption. Upon first glance I thought “nice science fair project” but when the engine started and the reaction occurred – “watch out Flux …

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[19 Dec 2007 | 2 Comments | ]

Eric Corey Freed is an architect who became well known for green building design and consulting. He has earned a place in the green architecture elite and thus was chosen to write the official Green Building For Dummies book.
Call it 8th grade humor, or just plain tipsy on cheap book-signing-wine, but upon looking at the signature table I couldn’t help to point out the admitted “dummies” all around, getting their Dummies book signed. Yes me included, but I ended up there by chance that night, I swear. …

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[12 Dec 2007 | Comments Off on Glow In The Dark Meow Meows From South Korea | ]

Professor Il-Keun Kong from Gyeongsang National University in South Korea thinks it’s a good idea to clone glow in the dark cats. Is anyone concerned with losing their cat in the dark? This is what he said:
“We have proved our world-class ability in cloning animals that have modified characteristics,” said Kong. “We found that the red fluorescent protein in all the organs of the dead kitten, which means we have established an efficient way of cloning gene-modified cats.’‘

addthis_url = ‘http%3A%2F%2Fwww.miguel23.com%2Fblog%2Fglow-in-the-dark-meow-meows-from-south-korea%2F’;
addthis_title …

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[7 Dec 2007 | One Comment | ]

This all somehow ties back into 911. In third dimension which we percieve, we have 5 different solids, icosahedron, dodecahedron, cubes, and tetrahedrons. These elemental shapes have integrity within a 3 coordinate plane. We process this skeletal mathematical information to derive what we perceive. In a 4th dimension, there are 6 different solids and 4 coordinate planes. Although they can make computer models of this stuff, I believe most mathematicians will admit these are pretty abstract concepts. However, this smart guy named Ocneanu decided …

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[6 Dec 2007 | Comments Off on 23andme.com | ]

Yup, you heard that us humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes and all that. 23andme.com is offering a personal genetic analysis. You pay a cool $999,00 and you get a personalized kit with instructions on how to “spit” in plastic cup and send it back to them for analysis. What can they tell you? How about what diseases you are prone to, what traits you got from which relative, or will you be fat by 40?. Sound crazy? This guy feels great about it …

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[5 Dec 2007 | Comments Off on In The Future, Google Will Find YOU Anywhere. | ]

Yesterday a friend of mine said: “Whoever invents a device that will find your keys or cellphone will be the next billionaire.” This comments sparked a brainstorm on how it would work around the house. I lose my keys on the way out of my apartment often and ‘bitch’ about it.
This idea is not new however and it will likely not be Joe Smoe in a Cupertino garage who builds this technology, rather it might be our friend, or foe, Google.
Several industry folks are discussing this topic after …