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Big Ass Sleeping Bag, say that 10 times fast.

27 August 2007 3 Comments

This is a ridiculous sleeping bag made by Kelty that my friend Tau bought this afternoon. It was packed in a box, which made no sense, but it added to its impressive proportion. It was so big I got inside to see what it was all about. Could this sleeping bag be used as a good pick up line excuse somehow?

Eventually owning this sleeping bag should should pay off big in someway or another. Give shelter to a homeless person, assist in an emergency child birth, or meet a future wife this way. This sleeping bag could easily fit a small family. Here is the testament.


Am I exaggerating? Is this not a Big ASS Sleeping bag??


  • elsa said:

    couldn’t get a much bigger ass sleeping bag. American booties need it these days. it’s the truth.

  • Wahoo said:

    Thank you for sharing!

  • Kritina Racraquin said:

    wow that is so big.you look like a